Robert Hall


My Dad is also known as BOB, He has refurbished an old 1800 school house in Grafton NY.. He can fix just about anything: Plumbing, Heating, Electrical, Mason, Just about every aspect of Construction.. He is self taught.. There was no running water and or electric in our one room school house.. No cellar he had the house lifted to dig the cellar out by hand. He has always been there for his entire family of 13 to help them with their homes.. He now at 73 is still working on things around the house and going to NJ to help my Sister and her husband. I am so proud of my Dad.. This is a tough one. He also retired to take care of my Mom in here last days, you see my Mom had cancer most of my life. She was in remission 8 times this last one took her beautiful Voice yes she had throat cancer, my Dad took her